Friday, January 29, 2010


i can tell now, i can tell when youre high.
i could never tell before.
i would always accuse you of being high when you were sober and then youd get mad and id feel bad.
and when you were high i would talk to too fast or move to fast, because i didnt know, and then you told me and i felt... cheated? made fun of? jealous?
but now
i can tell.
i look at you and say
"nice eyes."
and you say "im high as fuck"
and i say "yep. thats what i meant."
and then i hug you.


  1. ahh Max? ;) lol? ahh well if so then i wish i could be that understanding and not bothered my my brothers pot smoking, haha, "nice eyes."
    and you say "im high as fuck" <-- so funny!...and so could imagine your brother saying that..oh i saw the movie its complicated with merly streep last night, and it was really good if you havent seen it, and there was pot smoking in it, which was a realllly funny scene. you would like this movie, maybe...idk, it was a bit on the predictable side, but goood ;)

    love you so much!

  2. oo i lovveed that movie
    i loved the pot smoking. that was the best part.
    it was a little predictable but in a good way.

    i just love to watch meryl streep having fun.