Monday, September 12, 2011

Dream 9/12

In the dream there is a thin old man with a white beard. He walks ahead of me up a trail to a meadow at the top. There is a younger, mean looking man in the meadow standing near a white horse.
I know that the horse used to belong to the old man. I watch as the old man climbs up a onto a rock and then, from above, jumps onto the horses back and rides away.
The younger man is angry but doesn't follow him.
I follow the horse and the old man down the mountain.

Now I am the old man's daughter. He tells me to bring the horse home. He ties the horse by its bridal to the back of my car and then he leaves.
I drive and i assume the horse is following me but I don't look behind me to check.

Now I am following my mother. She is driving her car and i am following her home because i don't know the way.
We get lost, we make illegal U turns. We stop in the parking lot of a Starbucks and get out of our cars to discuss directions.
We don't look at the horse but we know its there.
We go inside and get coffee. when i come out the horse has come untied from the car. I am afraid that it will run away. I approach it slowly with my hands outstretched and it shies away from me.
I am afraid of it.
Then suddenly the horse becomes a man. He isn't wearing a shirt and his side is scraped up and bleeding, so is one side of his face.
'I will not follow you.' he says. 'you don't know where you're going and you didn't notice when i tripped and fell and you dragged me.'
I apologize and try to hug him. i want to cry so that he can see how sorry i am but i don't cry. He lets me hug him but doesn't seem to accept the apology.
He tells me that he will come home but he isn't going to go with me. He is going to wait for his fiance, she knows the way and will not drag him behind her. He says that if we tell her to come here he will be tied to the back of her car and follow her home.
I am jealous of how much he trusts her.
I agree to let him wait for her.

In the end, we realize that if he stays a man and doesn't transform back into a horse, there is no reason why he cannot ride in the backseat of my car.

September and Philip Glass

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dreams and Films

In my dream last night there was a draw bridge which sunk down under the water instead of lifting up. The bridge didnt move in the dream but i knew that it could and that if it did it would sink down.
I was sitting under the bridge, on the slippery cement, afraid of falling in to the choppy, wild, gray-black water.
Later in the dream I did fall it. I was incredibly afraid of how deep the water was and of being thrown against the thick stone supports of the bridge which lead in dramatic perspective away across the whole width of the river.

In real life when i stand under bridges i feel stomach fluttering awe. I learned this summer that I don't feel awe when i stand on top of a mountain. something about the bridge being man-made is more impressive to me.

In the movie I am writing I think I will make my protagonist dream of bridges so that i can film under them and capture the way they make me feel... like i am very small but also like i am floating.