Saturday, September 29, 2007

the end of the world

sophia and i were at the peer last night.

the water was more swelly then usual.
more like a bay then a river.

we were taking photos of clouds and noticing that sophia's feet matched the dock and my eyes matched the bit of the dock that had turned green...
when all of a sudden.
it got dark and the night started coming in from the left.

at this point sophia wanted to get off the peer and so did the few middle schoolers and skate boarders who were there.

but we decided to sit a few exra seconds in the bizare apocalyptic wind and think about what kind of planet movment would allow for the darkness to come horizontally... like- you see evening over to the left and it moves tawords you like rain clouds... but on this particular kind of planet it would be that way every night.

anyway then we left.
and walked back up to town.
with blue scarf and crazy hair blowing in a perfect addition to the feeling of stepping into "the day after tomorow"

the leaves and dust were blowing everywhere in little tornados.

the clouds looked like clouds i had never seen before. they were white and silver... and sharp edged in their fluffiness..

anyway- we sat in the little alcove tht used to be coldstone... (we were hiding for a scary crazy man who likes to shake peoples hands in starbucks for twenty mintutes at a time..)

the endtimes ended after only a little disapointing bit of rain.
and when we emerged 20 minutes later there was the hugest rainbow that the lady holding her little girl's hand had ever seen.

i took a picture of sunlit raindrops on a windsheild.
but i took it through the backseat window of the car... pointing at the windsheild.
and if the sun hadnt glinted generically in the lense... it would have looked really fantastic and less like an advertisment for mini vans.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

the future of suburbia

if i had an unlimited movie making budget...

id make a movie about sometime in the future when our world is going, or has gone, to hell...

and people arent living the way they are living now.
they are just surviving.
and suburbia is a dead concept and people are living four to six families in one McMansion and running bussinesses out of them as well...
and people are living behind the windows in shop fronts in strip malls.

and all the baby sapplings which are planted in the little gardens that devide up huge parking lots- will have grown huge and gnarled in perfect straight rows... and thier massive thick roots will be distorting the pavment all around them.
and vines are creeping up traffic light wires.

the malls are like indoor cities.. and people live in them... and set up carts and sell things.
and never leave.
and its a whole culture of children who were born inside and dont realize that there is an outside...

and so.
while suburbia is replacing urban areas as the dirty slummy undesirable overpopulated area of the world...

the cities are being reclaimed by nature and grass is growing through the blacktop... so there are perfectly straight avenues of green between tall buildings covered in thick flowering vines.... and theere are no cars...
because we have long since used up all the gasoine.
and the skelotons of cars are used for other things...
like gardens and little huts.
and fountains that were once in parks or in thier own contained little pools... have overflown with rain and have eroded little ponds into the concrete... and streams connecting one to another where a road used to be.
and the people who live here are all natural and living among the ancient decaying relics of us.

and the story?...
a wandering Troubadour kind of a troup.
who wander from civilization to civilazation telling the people myths and stories about us. and about eachother.
and everythiong is pretty much like a slightly solar powered version of the middle ages...

and there are all sorts of new kinda of prejudices that have yet to be discovered. and everyone falls in love, romeo and juliet style, with the wrong people...

and everyone has incredibly interesting, vintage inspired, futuristic clothing.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

actual people

im going back to high school.

i dropped my brother off at college the oter day.

hes one step closer to being an actual human being.

high school is just a testing strip...
do well in high school so that you can get into a good college
do well in a good college so that you can get a good job
get a good job so that you can make alot of money...painlessly.
make alot of money painlessley so that you can have a good life.

and be an actual person..

i wonder why we cant just be actual people all the way through.
we are always actually breathing.