Monday, February 28, 2011


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Second Star to the left and straight on till morning.

i wont grow up he says
so she tucks him into bed
and tells him stories.
she discovers that he is not crazy,
only very very young.

when he asks, she gives him back his shadow.
He begins to teach her to fly.

"think happy thoughts and they lift you up in the air!" he says
"think happy thoughts or you'll fall a hundred feet to the ground." is what she hears.
she tries and tries but falling is not a happy thought.

because no one is going to teach pirates to fly,
the pirates throw parties on the ground.
and play their music loud and shout
"join the party!" towards the boys and girls in the sky,

so Pete and Wendy begin to dance
and pete and Wendy begin to forget
because Neverland makes boys forget
only the boys.

and dont forget that birds can fly too.
and they eat all the crumbs, even the ones you leave on clouds.
and now its a different fairytale
one about two children and a candy house.

youre leaving no footprints so makes sure to remember
which star to turn at,
and which way to fly straight-on
till morning.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

...What we were talking about.

"The candy-seller had a smile on his face: he was happy, aware of what his life was about, and ready to begin a day's work. His smile reminded the boy of the old man- the mysterious old king he had met. "The candy-merchant isnt making candy so that later he can travel or marry a shopkeepers daughter. He's doing it because its what he wants to do," thought the boy.
He realized that he could do the same thing the old man had done- sense whether a person was near or far from his Personal Legend. Just by looking at them. Its easy, and yet I've never done it before, he thought."
-The Alchemist

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Danger Dreams

I've been having lots of dreams lately that take place on the wooden playground of my elementary/middle school.
There are always children in danger, I'm not one of them, I'm the authority.

here's one dream:

Large, metal allegator-like sculptures have been placed all around the playground. They remind me of the animal shaped fountains in the parks of my childhood; elephants shooting water out of the their trunks, hippos spitting fountains out of thier wide flat pink mouths.
But the allegators in the dream are not fountains. They are mostly just the allegator's backs and eyes, the tips of their tails, they are flat on the ground, as though the artist who made them wants to give the illusion that the rest of the allegator's body is under water.

Some of the allegators dont move, others slide back and forth, on tracks that must be under the ground. Their heads, snouts, are sharp. and the children get too close to them, as they slide back and forth too quickly.

I am sort of myself but i am also sort of a teacher. I am watching the children play on the bigger allegators and dare eachother to get too close to the sliding allegators. i have a bad feeling about it.

My friend comes to stand near me.
"theyre from that film set." she says. "the filmmaker donated them after the shoot was over. theyre for killing."
and then i remember. i saw that movie. it was a horror movie, an art film in which people are killed by allegators. the movie was low budget so the allegators were not made to look real, they looked like sculptures which make it more terrifying. they were these sculptures.

i go to the principle and try to convince him to remove the allegators but before i can explain to him why and how they are dangerous, i have to run back to rescue the children who, again are too close to the sliding sharp-snouted sculptures.

Friday, February 4, 2011

mostly my notes are just quotes

"There are about twenty-five things that are five-hundred dollars that it wouldnt be bad to have. but i can always find a better use for five-hundred dollars." -Cinematography Professor, on camera accessories

"its actually very difficult to determine weather something is exploding or contracting." -Sculpture Professor.

"its hard to tell the value of something in a vacuum." -Writing Professor, on Context.

"pale people in dark rooms, all standing around looking dead."
-film student, on a Carravaggio painting

"candle-lit paintings."

Me: does anything happen?
Prof: things happen, but, you know, its an art movie.

"they're doing the moment of 'oh my god, you're jesus!'"
-Cinematography professor, on a Caravaggio painting.