Friday, February 4, 2011

mostly my notes are just quotes

"There are about twenty-five things that are five-hundred dollars that it wouldnt be bad to have. but i can always find a better use for five-hundred dollars." -Cinematography Professor, on camera accessories

"its actually very difficult to determine weather something is exploding or contracting." -Sculpture Professor.

"its hard to tell the value of something in a vacuum." -Writing Professor, on Context.

"pale people in dark rooms, all standing around looking dead."
-film student, on a Carravaggio painting

"candle-lit paintings."

Me: does anything happen?
Prof: things happen, but, you know, its an art movie.

"they're doing the moment of 'oh my god, you're jesus!'"
-Cinematography professor, on a Caravaggio painting.

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