Saturday, September 29, 2007

the end of the world

sophia and i were at the peer last night.

the water was more swelly then usual.
more like a bay then a river.

we were taking photos of clouds and noticing that sophia's feet matched the dock and my eyes matched the bit of the dock that had turned green...
when all of a sudden.
it got dark and the night started coming in from the left.

at this point sophia wanted to get off the peer and so did the few middle schoolers and skate boarders who were there.

but we decided to sit a few exra seconds in the bizare apocalyptic wind and think about what kind of planet movment would allow for the darkness to come horizontally... like- you see evening over to the left and it moves tawords you like rain clouds... but on this particular kind of planet it would be that way every night.

anyway then we left.
and walked back up to town.
with blue scarf and crazy hair blowing in a perfect addition to the feeling of stepping into "the day after tomorow"

the leaves and dust were blowing everywhere in little tornados.

the clouds looked like clouds i had never seen before. they were white and silver... and sharp edged in their fluffiness..

anyway- we sat in the little alcove tht used to be coldstone... (we were hiding for a scary crazy man who likes to shake peoples hands in starbucks for twenty mintutes at a time..)

the endtimes ended after only a little disapointing bit of rain.
and when we emerged 20 minutes later there was the hugest rainbow that the lady holding her little girl's hand had ever seen.

i took a picture of sunlit raindrops on a windsheild.
but i took it through the backseat window of the car... pointing at the windsheild.
and if the sun hadnt glinted generically in the lense... it would have looked really fantastic and less like an advertisment for mini vans.


  1. you should post some of those pictures

  2. pictures take a million years to load on this site. =(