Thursday, January 28, 2010

abby asked me to remember green meadow for her.
i tried,

...walks through the fellowship. up that windy path by mary daily. with the roots like steps. visiting the sheep when there were sheep.
we got maple syrup that was still clear like sap and we brought it back to the classroom and drank it from those little white tea cups that we usually had water in...
we made soup every morning and then ate it after nap
they sang "the sunrise. the sunrise. wipe the sleep from your eyes." or something like that.
and after we ate we had inside playtime and we played with playstands and snails! and silks and then we had to clean up and we sand "many hands make light work"
and then outside playtime. and we were on one side of the frence and the first graders were on the other side and they were all like taunty like "our play ground is bigger than yours and we play kickball and -could you bring us our ball it went over the fence."
and we raced from the tree to the stump.
and we chewed on those sticks that tasted like lemon. and the ones that tasted like rootbeer.
and we played in those weird wooden things up by the fence by the road and we pretended they were boats.
and there was that tinnnyyy hill that we sledded down in the corner. and it would turn brown and muddy
and no matter the weather- once it was winter we had to wear snowpants and mittens.
and we made boats. out of sticks that we found. and we sanded them and filed them
and we made swords.
the half day kids went home.
and we went to full day.
and the pasta was reallly bad and i cant remember what was good...
and then naptime?...
and we napped and she, ms manir, (its so weird to spell her name cuz i said it all the time before i thought abut words. so in my mind her name is MANIR and its made of like pasta not letters) she played the harp
and we were all so far away from eachother and foot to foot so we really slept.
but mostly we didnt sleep and if we did sleep we were always proud of it... and we would talk about it while we put our mats away in the matt room.
and we had to keep out nap things in a bag on our hook.
and we had signs instead of names.
i was the dove the first year and eliza was the shooting star and the next year i made sure to get there early so i could be the shooting star.
and they put our sign somewhere at the table and that was how we knew where to sit.

1st grade
rose ceramony
she told us the story after we crossed the stage and we looked up at her. and then later in the classroom she told us the rest of the story and the chalkboard drawing was of that story and i dont remember what it was.
and we learned the alphabet. we drew the letter on one page and a thing, an animal or a thing that matched on the other page.
"V" valley. and it looked like a valley.
and "s" swan" "Q" queen and she never goes anywhere without her "u" umbrella.
and king +, queen-, the jesterX


  1. Katie, my love!
    i am so happy i started following your blog like 2 days ago(why didn't i follow it before?? silly me) ;) well this was such a lovely story/words so so lovely and made me incredibly happy this morning at 5:45 ;) i read it out loud to Maya, and it just brought back so many memories as you read it i just felt like i was back in kindergartner and 1st grade :)... i remember all those things and the shooting star! ahh yes i remember i was that sign ;) hehe, that was so cute, and Mrs. Manir, yes so odd to write out her name haha i always thought of her when i was like 7 as the lady with the big butt ;P lol..okay i was so immature and still am! haha.. but wow, such a beautiful post! its amazing how well you write Katie! so amazing how your words tell such a story with no pictures, and i think even if i didnt go to green meadow i would still be able to picture this and get the feeling of it!

    i love you and miss you and i am coming to see you, k? ;)

    love love

  2. i loved this. alot. it made me happy :) i miss you. and i miss being 5 yrs old. ;)

    maya ;)