Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the notebook

i figured out why i always forget about the old people in the notebook.
i figured out why i fast forward their scenes when im watching alone and why i dont care about them at all.
(besides all the obvious reasons like the bad casting of old ally and the way there is no mole consistency on ally's face)

The Music!
the weepy swelling orchestral themes of the young ally and noah reality, never cross over into the old folks home. maybe a little but not enough.
thats all.
i figured it out.
music is so important.
that seems like such a silly mistake.

i hate it when movies make mistakes.
i also love it.
a lot.
it keeps me wanting to make them... i mean movies, not mistakes.

old ally never giggles.
and thats rachel mcadam's whole thing with this character. the way young ally giggles all the time over nothing.
the diologue is so candid in the young one's reality.
and so not candid in the old ones.
its like to different movies.
i guess there are a lot of reasons
but the music is a big one
and a very easily remidied one.

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