Wednesday, January 10, 2007

jumping from razor blade to razor blade.

so this kid...
jumped out a window last year at my school.
i didnt go to that school at the time.
but i had heard about him.
he jumped out a window and slid down a rope...and ripped up his hands...
yesterday i met him.
and he told that story.
i said "why?"
in response to his story.
he said "why not?"
i said "yeah....but why?"
meaning :why did you rip up your hands...
but he answered the question that...even though i pretend to be crazy and understanding of crazy people...was present within my question...
"all you people..." he says.
i knew where this was going.
i said "all you people?... i resent that."
he said. "maybe but you also resemble it."
i liked that line...
he said "all you people spend you entire lives standing on the sharpened end of razor blades... you set up chairs and tables on those razor blades and try to get comfortable...
now me.." he says "i jump from razor blade to razor blade... which is better anyway cuz eventually the blades are gonna cut through the bottom of you tables and chair and your comportable set up...and youll fall."
he may have read that somwhere...he may have written it... he may have thought of it on the spot...
i dont care.
i liked it.
i said...
later in the conversation...when the conversation have progressed to other places i said.
"people are never honest..."
he said "some people are...: you have pretty eyes."
i said "thank you"
i told him that one of my teaches had told me just that week that we should try just as an experiment to answer the question: "hows life." literally.
he said "hows life?"
i said "life is pretty shitty cuz im obsessing over a person..."
he laughed at me...
i would have laughed at me too...
i liked that kid...

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