Wednesday, January 3, 2007

a comment i posted on a friends myspace... i liked it.

i got this little glass heart from nova...
remember nova?...that tiny little place with all the wooden toys and the dolls with no faces that smell like lavender?..
i got a little heart from there.
and i dropped it
and its glass
but it didnt break.
i thought is was going to...
and then i thought if it did i would sit down and cry holding the little pieces like a generic cinematic metephore...
but it didnt break.
so i smiled.
and realized that that was cinematic too.
thats a little story for you.

and thats some love for you.


  1. Nova, yeah that was a cool place. It was always the place where my mom would say "we can buy your friends a present" but then afterwards we would just end up realizing it was really for really young children... though they really had some nice silk stuff there (wow that's waldorfian). Interesting muse there kt.

  2. Also, by the way, if you get comment ads looking like this:

    Hi this is John and I really Liked your post. I think you might like THIS just click Here.

    ...which I did after a while, you can turn on "comment verification" in your settings>comments section. Those ads are REALLY annoying.

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