Sunday, January 21, 2007

happy thursday

i was at barns and noble.
i was there right after midterms.
it was like 10am.
it was almost empty...except for this freaky stressed out man on a cell phone who was spazzing out cuz his chair was shaky.
he was talking to someone about lawyers...
and he burned his mouth on his coffee...

i was reading the really big, exspensive european fashion magazines from the back of the rack...that you have to stand on ur toes to reach...
i love them.
i bought one for 9 fucking dollars...
cuz i loved one spread in it...
and i cut it up and put it on my wall.
i also found this picture that i really wanted in a magazine that i really didnt want to buy...
the magazine was JANE and it had mandy moore on the cover.
and mandy moore makes me angry.
but i bought that magazine and the one for 9 fucking dollars.
the picture in JANE was of two girls smiling with thier arms around eachother wearing heart shaped sunglasses.
its on my wall now.
i also got "everything is illuminated."
i love that writer.
yeah i was at barnes and noble today..

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