Friday, July 5, 2013

Toothbrushes cats and airconditioners today

My cat sleep in seemingly arbitrary spots around the house.
She sleeps sometimes in my bed which makes sense because my bed is the most comfortable. But she also sleeps on the floor at the bottom of the stairs in a part of the house that is not warmer or colder or closer to food or in any other way more apparently special than any other part of the house. I like to think that she sleeps there because that is where it smells most like us. Im not sure if this is really the case but its possible. Theres a big closest nearby which could possibly be a cause for a smell consolidation.
I dont know what our house smells like but i assume it smells like us and i assume Mookie, the cat, likes to be reminded by our smell that we are us and she belongs to us. I think she must like us because we brush her and let her outside where she can play with chickens and lie in the sun. In the last place she lived she lived always inside a small apartment that smelled like books. Which is a good smell. I bet we sort of smell like books too. We have a lot of books here. Also toast. and tea and onions in olive oil and also just skin i spose. My dad used to smell like bananas because he ate them a lot and then left the peels in his car where they became the perfume of the car which seeped into him and so he smelled like them.
Architecture plans get old looking more quickly than other sorts of paper i think. My dad is in the next room reading ancient looking large rectangles of plans which are the width of his arm span. He holds them up with his arms spread in order to read them and then when he arms get tired he drapes them over his knees. He's sitting on the couch. In the whole downstairs is hissing with air conditioner noises and the only other noise is this keyboard and the thwacking of wide architecture paper plans as he shakes them open. Theres a fan over my head but i cant differentiate its hiss from the general hiss. Now the sink has turned on in the bathroom and my mother is brushing her teeth I am in the kitchen. I wonder if she is using my toothbrush. Sometimes i think that even though we have four toothbrushes, one for each of us, we sometimes get confused and use each others so i get these passive aggressive ideas to throw away my own toothbrush to let whoever is using it know that it is mine and now gone and they were mistakenly using it and now they should go back to the toothbrush cup and find the one that is actually theirs. But then i would have no toothbrush. And maybe then i would have to result to sneakily using one of theirs and then i would be a hypocrite.

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