Thursday, July 11, 2013

A stranger's notebook and a songwriting class

Someone else found your notebook first and brought it inside.
I know this because when i found it this morning it was inside on the magazine rack among the broadway show coupons but it was soggy and rained on.
I took it knowing it would probably just be full of lists. It was just full of lists
I read them. You are comparing the pros and cons of various bland model cars, a CRV an accord, a Passat. I know that you dont like leather seats, you list them as a con because they make your back sweaty but you also sometimes list leather seats as a pro which is confusing what do you want?
Youre not doing anything until June 17th and then you're teaching something... but i cant tell what... something about video games and stop motion I might know you...
You rank possible employees on a scale of 'dud' to 'rockstar'

There are lots of people who jog and walk their dogs on this campus.
Do they call this place "the college"? do they say "honey? im taking the dog for a walk at the college"? or do they say "taking the dog for a walk at SUNY"?
Im fairly certain they do not say "Purchase" because most likely they live in Purchase-the-place and so would not refer to the campus where they walk their dog with the same name.

"Will you teach me to play the guitar?" This filmmaker asked the song writer. "I would like to try an artform that is more supportive of incomplete thoughts."

The song on the radio by Boxer Rebellion called Diamonds is like a million endings in a row. Do you know what i mean? The musical phrasing sounds like its about to end over and over again from the moment it begins. "What is that called? Give me words for that" the filmmaker begged the song writer.

"Make a shot list of your lyrics," the songwriter told his students. "Think of it like a film. what are you revealing with each scene?" "We use each other's words" thought the filmmaker, writing him into her next story. "My score is like an unreliable narrator, it lies but you know its lying."

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