Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Im done and my room is almost empty.
my mom came yesterday and i sent three bins of clothes and suitcase of books home with her.
im moving out sunday and ill have a lot less stuff cuz one trip has been made already.

my closet is empty.
a lot of things that should be hanging in it are in drawers because i sent all my hangers home.

im done with all my work.
my one final is done. i analyzed Won Kar Wei (sp?)'s In The Mood For Love and said that the cigarette he was smoking was like the truth he was speaking and said that as the smoke blew from his lips and filled the air, the filmmaker focused on it and showed us shots of it because it was a metephore for 'the truth.' i wrote four and half pages in my blue book.

I forgot the title of Igmar Bergmen's 'Persona' i wrote "perception' oops.

im done.

i have to transfer my film to digital.

its strange that if i dont transfer it and i take it home on film it will be stuck there until next year.

i mean... its there but i dont have a projector at home so i have no way to let it out so it might as well not exist.

i have to transfer it.

'your class has cinematography down." said the sophmore after watching mine and molly's films.

thank you sophmore. i appreciate that.

'your film would be the best one in the class if you reedited it." said a different sophmore. she said shed help me.

"it doesnt make sense but i like the tone. i like it i just dont know what happened" said another upperclassmen.

i love that. i like that my work can stand on its own without even something as nessisary as sense... its still a thing.

"if that was a filmfestival you would win." Said my friend, not a film student but i appreciate it anyway... heh.


sophmore year... video...

video!!! im scared.

im asleep.


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  1. good morning my love.
    well i think your film was amazingly wonderful and i dont think it needed any more editing, but i think if Katie had all the time and all the film and money to put together any film she wanted it would be the best film ever and you'd be famous in a blink of an eye ;) because you are just so, so talented and your film exemplified that!... i loved it.
    And thank you for putting Maya and I in it :) it was so much fun to come and watch it, and see all the other wonderful films..but i seriously thought even if i didnt know Katie and i wasnt in her film, it would have still been my favorite, shh ;)
    any way i am dying to see the footage that wasn't in the film!! :)

    love you sooo much! and when you come home and are freeeee we must do something, go into the city or anything!...i miss you A LOT...
    and btw you looked SO beautiful on Saturday...not that you don't always look beautiful lol but you looked especially stunning! ;)