Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stop Motion For The Summer

int. Bedroom- night

A thin man lies on his back on the floor. the floor is sand. the man's whole body glows. He is looking at the ceiling where faces and hands protrude from the plaster like there are people trapped inside it. Wherever his eyes look there is a spotlight. When he blinks everything goes dark.

he sits up and looks at the wall and the light reveals a door. He stands and goes to the door, opens it and walks away into a void.

ext. void

He walks. his feet are in sand. a BLACK THING comes and walks beside him. It's eyes are shiny.

BLACK THING: excuse me.

the glowing man looks at him.

BLACK THING: sorry. but would you mind looking up?...

the glowing man looks up and sees stars.

BLACK THING: thank you.

the glowing man looks back at him.

BLACK THING: no no. please. just a few moments more.

the glowing man looks up again and the black thing turns to look up at the stars.

BLACK THING: I knew they were there. Will you look at them, for me, forever?

the glowing man looks back at the black thing, surprised and scared. he shakes his head. then he runs away. the black thing calls after him. and runs after him.

BLACK THING: no! stop!

the black thing grabs the glowing man around the neck and holds his face pointing his eyes up.

the glowing man breaks away and runs away. the black thing falls to his knees and cries as the light dissapears he dissapears.


the glowing man opens the door and runs in. closes the door behind him. and leans against it. he slides down to the ground and pulls his eyes shut with his hands.

ext. house

the house is glowing from the inside the light blinks. flickers.


the glowing man is digging into the sand. he digs a hole and goes into it. his light fades as he gets deeper and deeper.


the light fades.


THe hole in the floor is glowing but the light is fading and then finally it is gone.
The trapped faces and bodies in the walls and ceiling stare, unseeing.


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