Wednesday, April 28, 2010

film scars

once upon a time
i did that thing that theyve been telling us from the very begining not to do
and i tried to stop the split reel with my hand and i sliced my finger in two places.
but i like it
cuz ill have a scar to show next years freshmen. "look," ill say "dont try to stop a rewind with your hand. youll loose a finger."
and i also like it cuz i get to wear a blue band aid on it.
but it hurt.


  1. OH dear :/ i cant help but laugh :P ;] but Katieeeee u okayyy ??? silly goose!
    i love u.

    once upon a time, i met a girl named Katie Oscar, at the pond, by the swing, when we where 5(?) and i love her more than anything. :] okay random-eee!! but i love u.

    and i cant wait to see ur movie! I am Coming to purchase! I love u and ur too cute. i love u.

    xxx <-----get better soon ouchy finger kisses. i love u.


    p.s i love u.

  2. ohmygoodness poor baby!!! you are so silly,i love you, and i love how you are the only person, i know or maybe the only person ever because you are just that wonderful that would slice their finger in two places(ouch) and like it for the cutest reasons! a blue band aid, and a story to tell next year :) why are you so amazing? ...seriously i am sending that poor little finger of your's a little kiss ;-* hehe and sending you a hug for making me smile but i feel bad because this sounds painful ;/
    love you to bits and i am really excited for Saturday!


    ps: i am going to bring your finger a little sock finger puppet animal thingy that i saw in Abigale rose and lily too in Peirmont, k? hehe...okay that reminds me, remember Tom Chapin, omg ahh memories! :D