Thursday, February 4, 2010


id like to be cleaner.
id like to not feel like my clothes are contaminating.
i don't know why me feet have started to smell and i dont know why there are red lines like scratches on my back.

in target i put on a leprican hat and it left green sparkles on my forehead, the tops of my cheeks, n the hood of my jacket and in my eyebrows.

tonight, while watching avatar for the second time, i left the theater to pee and ran down the hall so i wouldnt miss much of the film and while i was running on the black carpet between the red rope lights i realized that i was running because avatar makes me want to run. it makes me want to run to get somewhere to do somthing that i love.

the silly thing is that movies are what i love so i was running to get back to my seat to get back to the world in the screen. and the blue people in the movie are running to run because they love to climb in their trees and their running to teach jake sully how to run or shes running to leap and fall and shes falling to get to the ground to kill a animal to hunt.

id like to be more windswept.

i drank a sip of water from a water bottle on my dresser adn i realized that that water had been there for about two months and was probably dusty

dusty water

id like to be less dusty.

my hair grows in the winter. its grown at least an inch in three months.

i bought a silver ring with a moonstone in it.
i hope it doesnt turn my finger green.
im going to take a shower.
and pretend im a blue person in a water fall.
i hope i get cleaner.
i hope the red lines on my back go away.

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  1. Ah i love u. "cleaner" yes...a nice shower will do the trick love. ;)

    u know what i love about u? is that u dont care if ur messy! ur never not clean just more ragamuffiny (sometimes, and its cute :)