Sunday, November 1, 2009

When We Leave In The Night

We will find our socks
In the bottom of the bed,
Peel them back on
And leave in the night
But first we will wash
Our faces and drink
Handfuls of water from the bathroom.

We will strip the sheets
From the fold out couch
And fold it up. We will take
Apples from the kitchen
And hold them in our teeth
As we zip up our coats. We will slink

Across the lawn and pick up the bottles
And drop them
Into someone else’s trash,
A block away. But first we will find you,
Asleep in the next room, sit on your bed
And kiss your cheeks

We will try not to creak
As we leave down the stairs in the night,
Whispering that we are sorry
For waking you.

(molly looking at her film on the bus)


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