Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Trinity

note: a healthy understanding of The Matrix is recomended for proper enjoyment of this post

In my version of the matrix, in order to make myself fall in love with Neo and trinity; in order to make myself care about that tender moment at the end, I will make Trinity younger and purer.

What I mean is: she is the one who loves The One, so, symbolically-since we like to beleive that Jesus never fell in love-the only woman Trinity could be a symbol for is Mary.
So she should be like... young and pretty and quiet and virginal...

For all the feminists who are raising their eyebrows and accusing me of making a powerful heroin into a damsel in distress- please read on-

Trinity should be the little dangerous one, the one who cares for neo- like she does do in the movie- almost tucking him in like a mother, into the chair and sticking a long needle into his brain, tenderly, with a hand on his chest. She should be just like that... the tender careful feminine one and then
when she needs to be- when morpheus who- sorry- is God, calls upon her to "get neo out! hes all that matters!"
then she rises to the occasion and Neo is shocked that this little sister, little mother character is taking charge.
That is when he falls in love with her. Not when he sees her in tight black leather for the first time.
She can wear the tight black leather but she should wear it with a elemental sort of swagger... maybe her hair isnt greased back, maybe it's in two braids or maybe its curly.

The oracal told trinity that she would fall in love and that that man that man that she would love would be the one.
That bothers my Trinity. She dislikes neo. He does something… anything to make her feel unloved by him and she decides that he is not the one because she hates him. she wants him to fail. Until he does something to redeem himself but of course then she’s mad at him for making her not hate him.
What im trying to say is

If the point of the movie is humans fighting for humanity… give the characters some humanity… make them human…. Give them some angst and for a pair of storytellers so obviously talented at playing with metephore- learn your woman archytepes and play.


  1. Maybe she is a post-modern female archetype. Maybe Trinity (look at her name) is supposed to represent something new, and if she's mary, it's magdalene, not mom. Magdalene was a priestess, powerful, independent and also, probably, a sexual priestess (what we might now call a geisha/concubine type. She may or may not have performed sex as part of the rituals in the temple,,, Im not sure. But she was not a mother archetype. Just saying...

  2. but the point here is that part of tinrity's profecy is that she will love the one.
    so somehow that makes me feel like shes mary.
    cuz its like- you will have a child- you will love the one-
    i dono.
    for some reason i feel like thats her.
    sort of like
    this preofecy is really rather awful.
    kind of... trappping... painful, almost- rape.
    and in a way ive always felt a bit violated on mary's behalf when i think about the bible's story.
    when i think about the matrix as a real story- not the shallow thing that the diologue makes it feel like- i think that that profecy is terribly violating and stressful...
    im still working on this idea.
    one day ill have the perfect trinity worked out.

  3. So, for you, it's as if Trinity/Mary had no free will? Is that what's bothering you? And PS: Back to the prophecy: It's magdalene. Mary was told you will HAVE a child. Trinity is told you will fall in love w a child. This is very different. Mothering is not sexual. Trinity is pure Amazon.Im surprised they didn't chop off one of her breasts.

  4. yeah... i guess what realy bothers me is that she becomes the love interest at all.
    theres nothing really feminine about her until she gets all weepy and silly at the end.