Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

To Whom It May Concern,
CC: screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg
CC: whoever hired Melissa Rosenberg

your characters need to smile.
why are they in love?
we dont beleive him just because he says it.
you have to show us why.

characters say "i love you" unashamedly in two kinds of stories- soap operas and fairytales.
do you know which story youre in?
because we do.
we, the little lovesick girls, even kristen sterwart, we know which story we're in.
Twilight is a fairytale. i promise. thats why we love it, thats why we hate the movies,
thats why we cringe, embaressed for your charecters while they profess their love. theyre sitting awkwardly outside their archetypes because you think they are a joke.
we dont think theyre a joke.
i promise.
we read those books and couldnt stop smilling.
i couldnt stop smiling for a month while i read twilight, holding it infront of my face while i walked from class to class.
and im sitting in the movie theater begging you to make me smile
trying to fall in love
i want to fall in love with your characters by how can i when you dont even show me then falling in love with eachother.

The story of Twilight is ridiculous. that is the point.
what you fail to realize is this: the reason that we-little lovesick girls- are so unbelievably obsessed with this story is that IT TAKES ITSELF SERIOUSLY.

stephanie meyer's books convinced us that vampires exist by putting it in our terms.
"what would it really be like?"
she gave us bella- who is in love with the most beautiful boy she has ever seen. she gave us Bella's disbelief and her excitement and her delight...
imagine a conversation between a priest and an atheist.
what does the priest say- a good priest- a learned understanding one- he is trying to persuade the atheist-in the atheist's own terms-to believe in god.

the twilight screenplays are giving us nothing!
they are giving us angst.
they are giving us a sci fi OC

im paying you for your time.

i want you to give me what i want.

i want the seriousness, and the believablily, the magical reality that i gave up my elite feminist integrity to read.
i want the fairytale.
please please study the differnce between a soap opera "i love you" and a fairytale one.
if thats all you do it will be enough.


  1. I love you and I want you to see it again with me even though it will suck!!!
    I like your dialogue :)
    I'm sure I will feel the same...

  2. I like the pictures on your page
    It makes your life look artistic