Saturday, May 28, 2011

What I Will Write will take place on a island in the winter
...there will be animation with paper water- a birds eye view of the island showing the bay on one side and the ocean on the other. The characters will sometimes be shown as dots moving around the map like The Marauder's Map, accompanied by the sound of sandy footsteps and wind or maybe a bicycle. that the animation will match the rest of the movie, the rest of the movie will be shot with a paper-like color scheme, desaturated and sandy and windy and cold. will open with extreme close ups of the lines in the palm of a hand and a narrator speaking disinterestedly about what each line means. the narrator and the focus will draw your attention to the eerily short life line. For these shots i will use my own hand and my own life line.
...i will incorporate that subway station in brooklyn where you exit below the elevated track and at night the lighted windows of the train curl above you against the black black sky. and when you walk to the left and towards the warehouses, you pass under the highway and over the water. and to your right you see water and factories whose smoke is white against the black black sky and speeding cars on elevated highways that are going around a curve like the train was going around... and all of it is so beautiful because, oddly, there are not nearly enough streetlights so the distant lights are what matters. whoever it is who will walk through this setting will be in silhouette.

but i cannot write it until i clean up.
i am folding clothes and sweeping
and painting my bed and then making my bed.
i am hanging curtains
and hanging lights behind the curtains so that they glow like windows at sunset- but all the time.
i am coughing, because of the dust.
i am sweating because of the summer.
and when all this is over the house will be clean
and i will sit on the floor and write the screenplay and build the map.

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