Monday, March 28, 2011

Possible Titles

"Looking Into Bars"

"A Love Letter and Molly's Face"

"San Francisco: A Love Letter and also Molly's Face"

"Most Of These Rocks Have faces"


"More People Die From Freezing"

"The Things I didn't Film"

"The Things I didn't Film Because I was too Afraid"

"The Things I didnt Film Because i was too Afraid to Stand Where I Needed to Stand, with the Camera where it needed to be in order to film what i should have and wanted to film"

Beth says: "and maybe that will never change. Maybe you will always be afraid to film and maybe you will do it anyway. maybe you don't have to change the way you feel about it in order to change it."


  1. This already may be obvious, but I'm voting for "Most of These Rocks Have Faces."