Friday, September 3, 2010

Sophomore Year Begins

We call our room "The Tower' because from our window we can see all of our kingdom and all of our subjects.

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  1. love your photographs missy! seriously amazing, i saw more on FB and i was in awe! why do you have to go and be so talented? huh!? ;) (love the first one in particular)!

    "the tower" love it! and funny cause at Arcadia there is actually a tower considering one of the dorms is called the castle! its the main building as well.
    its a teeny bit creepy (but gorgeous) creepy b/c there is one dorm room where the woman who lived there back in the 1800's and woman supposedly hung herself in one rooms that you can dorm in.. eeks! ;P lol! and my friend Tevin had a dream that i hung myself in the castle, ok that was random but i thought you'd find that interesting? ;)

    well any whoo! i love your dorm ;) adn i will be visiting you soon lol...becasue i love you and i am bored here without my twin...sad? meh. lol ;(