Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Problem

If youre reading this right now then you dont mind the way i talk.
You read my blog, so you're used to deciphering sense out of pieces of sense... like that- what do i mean by that?
i dont know. but it sort of makes sense in the context of the rest of the post... and maybe you've learned that if you keep reading maybe you'll arrive somewhere where i will explain it to you...
so keep reading.
That point is: I don't really make sense.
It's fun.
I don't usually mind it. I like to say what I want to say, whenever I want to say it, without pausing to even decide exactly what it is that I want to say...
Today, in Sci Fi, I had a comment about the Alien Messiah- "its kind of like what you were saying last class," i said when Soyoung (possibly the smartest person i have ever met) called on me, "...about how DNA has taken the place of a soul in modern thinking. The soul, or religion, used to 'tell us who we are' and now its DNA or science, that tells us... and the 'Alien Messiah' is like- we're too educated, too modern to believe in god or in god having a son and sending him to us to save us, so now we project the same exact idea onto the 'more scientific' idea of a an alien. A superhuman being coming from somewhere more tangible than heaven- another planet- sent to us by superhuman beings who have lessons to give us."
anyway... i made sense!
and Soyoung understood what i was trying to say. Instead of nodding slowly and saying "i think i know what you're saying" she just knew what i was saying. and elaborated on it and...

my point is:
what i am trying to say is:
quite concisely put:
without confusing you too much before i get to point:

I plan on making more sense from now on.


  1. I liked it, the need to decipher.
    Makes one see the human, the individual, the unique way, our thinking engines work, trying to make sense kills creativity, you sure you want to do that?

    This above comes from a stranger who stumbled across your blog, because she did not know what sneetches are, and a kind soul pointed her to here.

    Everything is alien ... we live in borrowed matter, spirit runs free, and chooses to spend some short time inside a human body to use the perception organs :-)