Monday, July 20, 2009

The Moment He Turned Back (In Florida)

This morning we waited on the beach for the sun rise and then
as we drove away the sun shone in the review mirror,
winking between the trees in, what i felt was, a kind of angry abandoned way

like we had waited so long to see it and once it arrive we were done with it.
only waiting for the moment of arrival, not the arrival, once it arrive it was over.

there was a man jogging on the road and as we passed him
he a did a little cirlce turn on the sidewalk and headed back the way he had come.
maybe tommorrow he'll make it to the next corner
but today he onlye made if about halfway between the two traffic lights.

do you think he thought of me?- the anonymous observer, usually personifed by the opposite sex,
noticing the moment when you, the thinker, give up and turned back in your jog?

i dont know how far he had come. i dont know if the moment of turning back was much too soon
or if his thighs already bruned with miles of effort
I only saw him turn back.

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