Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'm coughing.
I like being sick. I like being alone. I like in-between feelings like being lost or stranded or stuck.
In these situations there is apsolutlty nothing I can do about my situation and no one can fault me for it. I'm just exempt and excused from life for a few moments.
Also it’s like being in another reality.
If you’re lost there is nowhere else you can be- you’re just lost.

Unless a obligation interrupts your perfect in-between reality.
You’re lost but you’re also late… There is nothing worse than being nowhere, blissfully unconnected to everything real with the pull of an earthly-ambilical-cord of an appointment making it apsolutley nesessary to call someone from the real world and get directions back there.
Or to make sure that the snow plowing man is there are three am to shovel away the sow and ensure that your car will not be stuck

Id like to live my whole life being lost.
Drifting from one unannounced event to the next.
A life without time
A life without context
Only existence and enjoyment

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