Wednesday, May 21, 2008

american beauty

yesterday i watched my scratched dvd of american beauty and had to take it out three times to skip a damaged scene.
its my friends dvd so ill have to buy him a new one
and then ill keep the scratched one
and im sure ill watch it in this choppy way many many more times. because ite perfect.
at the end of the movie the camera panned away from the straight leafless tree lined street of somewhere suburban in america
and kevin spacy told me to apreciate every single moment of my stupid little life.

so i went outside.
and saw that the right-after-rain-storm weather had turned my home into heaven

the sun was setting behind the barn in the field behind my house.
the sun was setting the way the sun sets after rain... lots and lots of colors and bright wet contrast... and mosture creating light lines...rays... wherever it reaches.

so i walked there... tawords the sun. tawords the barn. and as i neared it... it got dark and the sun dissapeared. because you cant see the sun stading directly underneath it.

so i continued around the barn... down the hill and then back up.

and when i got back to where i had started the whole image had setted with the sun...

but it was still a wet and beautiful and well contrasted world outside.
so i took my think blue racing bike with the spindly tires that remind me of tim burton's animated charecters and thier spindely legs...
and i took my dads old digital camera that clicks like its thinking whenever you zoom in or out.
and i road down the street...
and i stopped a few yards away from home.
and got off the bike and took some close up pictures of raindrops in grass.
then i went home.

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