Friday, January 23, 2015

While taking a break from writing the screenplay which you requested that I finish for you by the end of the month, I eliviated some of the pent up rambling which was threatening to narrate itself, by way of a (god forbid!) narrator, into the screenplay.

My most darling producer,
I am writing to you to inform you that I am extremely caffeinated.
At this time I am seated on a rolled up scarf as well as a folded up sweater. I am seated this way, on top of folded fabric, in order to elevate myself to appropriate height of one wishing to engage correctly with this table.
I find it difficult to think when my lap is too far below the bottom of the surface on which I am composing.
There is a banana peel on the table beside me as well as a unopened packet of sugar in the raw and of course an empty coffee mug.
On the middle finger of my right hand I wear three thin silver rings which are what is left out of the original eight that were gifted to me as a Chanukah present from my mother in the winter of my sophomore year of college.
When you and I took a road trip across the center of the country I believe I had three rings on my left hand and four on my right.
But all this is beside the point.
What is more to the point is the question: will I ever be a person who puts my 'i's before my 'e's on the first attempt to type out words with 'ei' in them?
Will I ever get the word 'peices' (See?) 'pieces' spelled correctly on the first try? I think not. Perhaps I will always be this way!
Now, darling, dearest Anna dear, I have a point. I promise.
The point is: I would like to make movies that unfold like this email.
That is all.
Caffienated- dammit- caffeinated banana peel movies which sit on a sweater and scarf. Tense shouldered, left-over-ring-wearing movies, with half-illuminated pasts and futures.

That is all I have to say on the subject (s)
Good day.

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