Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Midsummer Nights Dream

this is a Monologue to be spoken by a boy to the girl who he loves who doesn't love him back:

Do you want to know the problem with this play?
When the story ends and everyone is supposedly with the person they are meant to be with-
The problem is Demetrius! Demetrius is the problem.
Do you know the story?
The story is: Demetrius loves Hermia and Hermia loves Lysander and Lysander also loves Hermia, no one loves Helena and Helena loves Demetrius.
But Demetrius loves Hermia!!!
So the fairies but a spell on everyone and mess everything up and then they fix it. They fix it all... but not Demetrius!
Demetrius gets fucked! They just put him with Helena. But he doesnt love Helena!
The Fairies put a spell on him and then leave it on him to leave him in love with Helena. But its a spell- he just continues to be under a spell and love her.
And I guess it's fine cuz I mean, it works out. Cuz Hermia would never have loved him right? I mean- unless they put a spell on her right? They could just as easily have put a spell on Hermia and made her okay with loving two boys or something. And then put a spell on Helena to make her OKAY with loving someone who didnt love her back! Whats the problem with that? As long as there is magic happening- its magic right?- POOF! 'Helena you enjoy this, i will magically make you fine, make you ENJOY loving someone who doesnt love you back. Magic.

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