Friday, February 3, 2012

You, the Cat

The girl kicks the house cat. Not in a violent way. In a 'here play with my shoe lace, I know you want it!' way. The cat plays with the shoe lace, grabs it in two paws and then brings it to her teeth and bites it claws and bites and claws and bites.
The girl adds her hand to the game. The cat, who's name is Tiger, bites and claws the girls hand. The girl, who has a tendency to make the most mundane things important and even profoundly sad, says to the cat: " I bet you don't even know you're an animal.'
And I think about you and how you are that cat. And then I want to pick up the cat and squeeze it until it cries
or until it fights me off and bites my jugular and slinks away into the jungle.

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