Wednesday, December 15, 2010

dear family

i might want to unplug twitter for christmas.
maybe for christmas we can write the tweets down on construction paper stars and wrap them up and give them to eachother in boxes.
id like that.
we can do it all day.
also im going to paint everyones faces.
also im going to take pictures.


  1. That is a very good idea. Let's do it. We can each use a different color paper, and then switch in the middle. And drink egg nog.

  2. HAHAHAHA!! omg Katie..I LOVE YOU! :) --> "i might want to unplug twitter for christmas." - gosh your mommy and her twitter (i love it) ;P But i've wondered how it is when your home, and i'd get annoyed probs if i were you, lol... she is Mrs.Twitter queen, seriously. lol! ...anywhooo, this sounds like a marvelous plan!- painting and taking photos! + of course ME!.. jk ;P wellll... i will see you asap!

    love you so much