Monday, October 11, 2010


Trespassing from katie oscar on Vimeo.

'Place Film' for my documentary class.
assignment: only diegetic sound. three minutes long.

i was inspired by Bill Brown 's Roswell and by the 'i dont belong here anymore' feelings that i had while snooping around to get the shots.


  1. :) i love this little film!..gosh Katie you are so talented.
    the words are so perfect with the images & sounds!
    remember how i was saying that your films are so unique and no one else would have the same ideas as you. And even if your skills with the technical part of film making isn't as "good" as some guys in your class etc...Well, this movie proves how amazing you are, your eye for images, sounds and words and putting them all together is brilliant.
    i love you.


  2. "I've never seen the lighting like this until today." Lighting is always the first thing I notice. It can affect the way I view a place or situation instantly. Seeing a new light in a familiar place can completely change your perspective or feelings.

    It really is a lovely film. It gives me a strong desire to go investigate my childhood home.

  3. I love this new perspective on a familiar place. Great idea, well executed.