Monday, June 7, 2010

quite well... crazy actually

Im sewing a Duvet cover. Ive spread the quilt-like patturn out on the floor.
its made of two sheets. one sheet is white and has some white embroidery and some white lace...
one sheet is white with small blue flowers... the sheet with blue flowers is flannel and old... so soft because its flannel and so soft because its old.

i cut them up, into squares and rectangles and stripes and arranged them like a queen size comforter sized collage on the floor.
and this will be the second day that im spending sitting in the collage with a seam of it turned backwards and upside down across my lap.

The needle that im sewing with is blackened on the tip; no doubt because my mom used it at one point to remove a splinter from my brothers or my finger...

At some point in my training as a human being i picked up the piece of subtlety that tells me that this should be symbolic... this blackened, sterilized, poisen, or pain removing tool

that im using now to build a blanket.
that im using now to build a thing.
to entertain myself
to put something into my days
to put a splinter back into my finger
because thats where the interest is...

Dont worry im not pricking my fingers with it on purpose...

im entertaining myself with the idea of fourteen year old brides to be, sewing wedding sheets and wedding shoes and wedding gifts, for their doweries, out of silk, for their husbands, for their children, for their beds.

the truth is that these thoughts float by me while i sew.
i see the thoughts, i put them in neat words, i think about maybe blogging about them
but as soon as i do
they become lies
isnt that odd.
maybe that will change one day.
but for now,
that fact that i think in words, and sometimes in diologue
that fact that i think in themes
and sometimes in rhyms
or rythym
or alliteration
...though never in spelling or punctuation
these facts make everything quite... well crazy actually.

who am i thinking for?

and thats why i sew.

and paint the walls.

painting the walls is the best...

i painted the walls while i waited to hear from purchase, to hear weather or not i had gottan in.

and when i got waitlisted i kept painting

and when i got accepted i stopped.

and the the kitchen was white.

and now people visit and say 'you know, your house feels like a beach house.'

and now theyll visit my bedroom and say 'i like your quilt.' and ill say 'thank you, i made it.' and they'll say 'no way!'

or maybe ill wait for them to sit on my bed.

theyll lie down and their toe or maybe a clip in their hair will get snagged on my loose stitching

and then theyll say "omgod did you make this?!" and ill smile with my lips together in that way that makes me feel like a little girl, and ill nod and get into the bed with them.

...and as long as we're being comoletely truthful, after that i will probably bring my laptop under the covers with us and read them this blog post... and depending on how truthful im feeling that day, i will either omit this last bit, or leave in it.


  1. First time commenter here. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog.

  2. thanks for reading. thanks for commenting!

  3. Lovely string of thoughts--as a knitter/crafter/quilter/writer I really appreciate the feel of this piece. Well done!