Monday, March 15, 2010

Today its raining in a misty way and i have no classes and i have to write a screenplay and my garbage smells like rotten rice.

Yesterday Plum, the beta fish that molly bought for her film, died. We came into the soundstage and plum was swimming upside down and then plum stopped swimming and we were sure he was dead and then he started twitching his fins and then we flushed him town the toilet.
And i thought. We could have left Plum anywhere... in the water fountain, on the floor in the hallway...
i thought: fish can only be in water. and about how odd that is and about how id never want to touch a fish in the air but how its okay to carry one in a bowl and about how thin a bowl is and how if i was swimming i wouldnt mind touching a fish.

Tomorrow i will eat the second half of my avocado for breakfast.

Today i ate the first half and i ate pieces of rosemary bread.

Tonight i will have finished my screenplay and sent it to my class so they can read it.

Tonight i will wear pants to sleep so that I'm not cold again.

Last night i was cold.

The screenplay is about a boy who lives in a college town but doesnt go to college.
He's friends with a girl who goes to the college.
He's kind of in love with her but maybe not.
The asignment for the screenplay was "a flaw."
i think my character's flaw is that he doesnt know what he wants to do.
The second half of the asignment, which i am pretending to have forgottan about, is "the worst thing that could happen to a person with this flaw." so put a person into the worst case scenerio for someone who has the flaw that you've given your person...
Worst case scenerio...
actually, it might work.
if my guy's flaw is that he doesnt know what he wants than maybe the worst thing that could happen to him would be that he falls in love with someone who knows what she wants.
i mean, the bigger picuture is that its not the worst thing, that she will actually solve his flaw for him, maybe, help him want things...
but as far as he's converned, from the inside of his flaw, he's pretty content to be where he is and he doesnt want someone pointing out to him that he shouldnt want to be where he is.

Today i will waste 80 feet of 16mm because on saturday i shot only a tiny bit of a roll because im silly. and i have to give the camera back and so i obviously have to take my film out so i have to finish the roll.
im going to film the rain.

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  1. i love you. i loved this post Katie!
    i loved the avocado, hehe! i am eating avocado in my dinner atm ;P i swear i am gonna turn into one i eat so much avocado hah...and i loved the part about sleeping with pants you are too cute, stay warm lol!!! ;]
    and i thought this was very interesting about the guys flaw and this really stuck out to me and i really resonated with this line ---- ? "he's pretty content to be where he is and he doesnt want someone pointing out to him that he shouldnt want to be where he is." ---{ just change it to she} ;) okay, well i am really content or at least i feel like i am content?...with where i am in my recovery weight wise... i feel like i am fine, BUT others like doctors and some friends and people etc, point out to me that i shouldnt be content here, and that it is not okay and i am tricking myself, but Eliza feels like she is fine/content...:/ ? hmmm and i dont know what i want either? blahh
    i love you, and your blog makes me happy. have fun filming in the rain! omg it is SO windy/rainy here urggg! i like it kinda, nice and cozy but i dont at the same time.

    xx love love love

    ps: loved your text today made me laugh so much "my car smells like your house." LOL ;P

    pss: last night Maya and i were watching home videos and omg we spoke so frickin weird, like sweedish/japanese/i have no clue...haha it was so funny. we were cute.
    i love you and you taught me how to say milk.