Monday, June 22, 2009

Philadelphia or south carolina or D.C.

about three months ago my brother and i were going to drive to... mmm either philidelphia or washing dc or... i forget but the point is: we were going to be in the car for an extended amount of time.
my brother and i have very few things to say to eachother after we've covered the basics of how girls think and how boys think and how we think the other is wrong or right about the way boys think or girls think.
after that we generally move onto how i could change myself via push up bras and tweezers into the kind of girl that my brother thinks is the only kind of girl that could ever have a boy friend.
so what im trying to say is that i was a bid worried about how we were going to pass this extended amount of time in the car.
i decided that perfect solution to it would be to blog about our entire trip.
we could keep a detailed online chronical of every single day of travel and trip once we arrived in philidelphia or south carolina or wherever we were gonna go.
i realized that if we had a third party to talk to- e.i. the blog- we could just talk about anything... and not run out of things to say... does that make sense? even our disagreements would be blog worthy they would even add to it. and our two incredibly contrasting minds, observing the same things and reaching completely different conclusions about them, might be an interesting jumping off point for a blog that would then be turned into a book and then make us lots of money.
anyway i dont know why im telling that story except to say that its a good reason to keep a blog.
we didnt end up going, as youve probobly gathered, or keeping a blog.
but we should have.
it would have helped.

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