Thursday, October 30, 2008

old poem

fishing today

I think if I see you today I will smile
Today I’ll know exactly what to say
And I’ll say it.
And not think about what you think about it
I think I won’t replay it and regret it

Today I think ill look at your face
instead of into your eyes

My thoughts will wander slowly tawords the knowlage of your presence
Like thoughts are supposed to do
Like early mornings
When I find
my mind meandering easily
Between intentions of buttered toast
And theories of world domination

I don’t think I love you anymore
I don’t think you can real me in
like a fish who has swallowed a hook

The hooks you never know you have cast
The ones that
with no intention of yours
you have kicked from the dock
Into the sea where they snag
Unwanted, innocent, invisble passing fish
That you never knew were there
And you never knew were caught
And you never cared.

I was cought.
And you never knew
Dragged and flung from oblivion
And landing gasping in airless powerlessness
At your feet

Of course I cant be sure
If I love you anymore
I wont know if I don’t
Until I see you and smile
And speak and look
And look away
So I'm hoping to see you today.

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