Monday, November 12, 2007

interesting anonymousness

on facebook my honesty box question is: "what do you think of your own existance?"

someone answered:

I think it's weird we think in our own heads. We're just objects.

i was thinking today...
about the whole "if a tree falls and no one is there to hear it does it make a noise" thing...

if a person exists their whole life without ever encountering another person but still having thoughts in their own head...
and exsting in their own right.
but never making any kind of dent in the universe...
why does it matter that they exist...
and why do they?
and do they?


  1. i guess, that's probably the reason, why (almost?) everybody wants to be famous sometime

    oh, and have u heard about the quantum theory?
    it's about the smallest subatomic particles
    somewhere in it, it says that the existence of some particles is only certain, if u look at them
    it actually is the most common scientific theory at present...

  2. i barely exist, based on the number of hits that i get on my blog.

    i like yours.

    i think that everything affects everything else in the universe. that we're all connected in some way or another. if you hate somebody, you have yourself. if you love somebody, you love yourself, etc. we are all bound by a cosmic unity from which none of us can escape.

    i wonder what affect you laughter had on the wind a few posts up.